Diversity And Inclusion

For many years, the maker community has been focused on promoting and showcasing white makers and creatives which is not representative and directly upholds white supremacy. When launching Project Weekend in October 2019, we were aware that the industry had been predominantly white, and it’s been our hope to create a place where diverse voices and perspectives were reflected. The recent events have shown us that our work thus far has not nearly been enough, and that there’s so much more we can do to be more of a diverse and inclusive space for Black, Indigenous, and people of colour. It is our responsibility to not further perpetuate this single narrative. 

Project Weekend is still in the infancy stage of business, which means we have the unique opportunity of integrating anti-racism work into our culture, values from the get-go, allowing it to intentionally influence the direction of our business as we grow. We won't always get it right, but we will continue to act in allyship and own our mistakes.

One of the first things we will be doing as a business is taking the 1% pledge and donating a portion of our products to a local non-profit or organization that supports BIPOC mental health. We fundamentally believe that crafting and unplugged downtime can have a positive impact on people's well being. 

In addition, Project Weekend will be taking the following actions moving forwards:

  • Hiring, collaborating with, and compensating Black, Indigenous, people of colour (and researching ways we can be proactive and reach QTBIPOC applicants)
  • Amplifying, uplifting and promoting Black, Indigenous, people of colour in our content and storytelling 
  • Making the effort to include people from underrepresented groups when creating content to ensure it is representative and not furthering racial stereotypes in the maker community 
  • Volunteering our time with non-profits in the Lower Mainland that focus on supporting and empowering communities affected by racial injustice 
  • Committing, as an organization, to continue the anti-racism work and addressing inequality in our community

We realize there is a lot more learning and work to do, and we are deeply committed to helping create an inclusive, caring, and equitable maker community. Please keep us accountable. 

If you have any feedback, please email us at hello@projectweekendshop.com. Thank you so much for reading.

Spring, and the team at Project Weekend