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The foundation of this project is anchored around the basic knit stitch, but the beauty of the design lies in the clever and oh, so simple wrap and turn of the yarn. 

Constructed in a classic garter (knit) stitch, this is a great project if you're looking for a quick beanie to make as a gift and a really fun option for anyone looking to knit a hat for the very first time.  

Our LOLL yarn features a special blend of Merino Wool and Baby Alpaca fibers creating soft-as-a-kitten warmth and squishiness. Sustainably sourced and 100% naturally soft, (not chemically softened), LOLL is grown in the beautiful highlands of Peru and Argentina and spun in a Fair Trade Certified facility.

With cashmere-like softness, LOLL is not too chunky or hot, making it a perfect choice for all of your upcoming projects (hats, scarves, sweaters, blankets, cowls, interiors accessories). And because it's naturally anti-itch, it's perfect for all those baby gifts you want to make or for anyone who is sensitive to the itch of natural wool.


Easy projects are perfect for any knitter who has completed a few beginner projects and are comfortable making simple stitches like KNIT & PURL.  Easy projects are great for those looking to take their skills to the next level. Easy projects might have simple increases and decreases for shaping, color work and knitting in the round techniques.  


4-5 Hours


One Size:  Fits Most (21.5” to 23.25”) 


Finished Circumference (relaxed) : 17”
Finished Height (uncuffed): 11.5” 


14 stitches in garter stitch x 22 rows = 4" x 4" square


SPEND MORE TIME MAKING AND LESS TIME RUNNING AROUND SOURCING SUPPLIES. Project Weekends' all-in-one Brexton Hat Kit contains all of the necessary tools and supplies to get you started.   (Knitting Needles optional with kit purchase) 


  • 1 ball of Project Weekend's LOLL, our exclusive "naturally soft, not chemically softened" 65% Fine Peruvian Highland Wool / 35% Superfine Peruvian Alpaca yarn. Each ball weighs 125 GR. (4.4oz) and has 125m (137y). 
  • 1 pair of  7mm / US 10.75  Straight or  Circular Knitting Needles    (optional with kit purchase)
  • 1 Knitters' Sewing Needle 
  • 10 Stitch Markers
  • 1 "PROJECT WEEKEND x ME." Woven Label
  • 1 "MADE FOR YOU" Maker Gift Hangtag
  • 1 Organic Cotton Project Bag


Not sure how to knit a specific technique? No worries, we've got your back! We've created videos and step-by-step illustrations for you to reference, so your project won't miss a beat. They are conveniently located throughout and at the end of the pattern for you to click and learn from. Happy Knitting!


Taking some time before starting a knit project to make a gauge swatch can make all the difference between project success and total complete frustration.

A gauge swatch will tell you if you are knitting too tightly or too loose for the pattern you are creating. It helps make sure that what you are knitting will measure out and fit just right. If you are new to knitting, you can also think of the gauge swatch as a test run for learning your stitches before you start your main project.

Cast-on with the recommended gauge swatch stitch count and knit the number of rows indicated to achieve gauge.  Once finished, your swatch should measure out to 4” x 4”. If your swatch comes out too small, it means you are knitting too tightly, so loosen up your stitch tension a bit. If your swatch comes out larger than 4”x 4”, you are knitting too loosely, so tighten up your stitch. Once you have found your gauge, unravel your swatch & begin knitting your project! 


This project is knit flat using straight or circular needles (your choice).

You will be adding shape to the pattern by creating knitted Short Rows. See our Short Rows - The Wrap & Turn technique video for a demonstration of this technique.

Once the hat is complete, you will seam the cast-on and bind-off edges together to close it all up.

How to Knit Short Rows - The Wrap & Turn


K: Knit Stitch
Wrap & Turn: slip the next stitch on your left needle to your right needle (purl-wise) without knitting it, now bring the working yarn to the front of your work. Slip the previously slipped stitch back onto your left needle, then turn your entire work around, and begin knitting your next row per the instructions in your pattern.  (See our Short Rows - The Wrap & Turn technique video for a demonstration of this technique).


1. Cast on 40 stitches using the LONG TAIL CAST-ON method.

2. Set-up Row: KNIT all stitches

3. *These next 10 rows are your pattern repeat.*

Row 1: Knit all stitches
Row 2: 
Knit all stitches
Row 3: 
Knit all stitches
Row 4:
Knit all stitches
 (Short) Row 5: Knit 33 stitches, do a WRAP & TURN
 (Short) Row 6: Knit the 33 stitches on your needle
 (Short) 7: Knit 25 stitches, do a Wrap & Turn
 (Short) 8: Knit the 25 stitches on your needle
 Row 9: Knit all 40 stitches
 Row 10: Knit all stitches, attach a stitch marker to the last stitch of this row. This will help keep track of the upcoming number of pattern repeats you will be knitting. Each stitch marker will designate a pattern repeat completed.

4.  Rows 11-100: repeat the "Row 1 through Row 10" pattern (9 more x’s) for a total of 10 pattern repeats.

5.  Row 101: Knit all 40 stitches

6.  BIND-OFF  loosely and cut a yarn tail approximately 10”-12" long.


7.  Cut a separate piece of yarn approximately 20” in length, this will be the yarn you will use to seam your cast-on and bind-off edges together to create the shape of your hat.  Thread it onto your knitters sewing needle.

8.  Lay your work down flat on a surface & fold it so that the Cast-On and the Bind-Off edges line up together, stitch for stitch.

9.  Join the Cast-On and Bind-Off edges together using the Horizontal Garter Stitch Seam.


10.  Thread the remaining 10” yarn bind-off tail onto the knitters sewing needle & pass the yarn through each edge loop, gently pulling the hole closed, arranging the stitches as needed.

Pass the yarn tail through to the inside of the hat, finish by securing the yarn tail.

11.  Once the crown is closed up, weave in any loose ends & proudly sew on your Project Weekend x Me. woven label.


For a light-hearted take on the traditional beanie, add a pompom!

There are many ways to make a PomPom. We have found that using a Pom Maker is a great way to get tightly packed PomPom’s that won’t fall apart over time.

To make one, follow the Technique Tutorial video, HOW TO MAKE A POMPOM for a demonstration of this technique.  


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