Naturally soft, not chemically softened

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Soft By Nature

We don’t use Superwash on our yarn.  Superwash is a harsh chemical treatment (a form of bleach) used to soften and make yarn more machine washable. It also requires large quantities of water to process it, and only properly equipped facilities can manage the wastewater after use. ⁠

Instead of using a chemical to achieve softness, we’ve created a special blend of Superfine Alpaca (for luxurious softness) and Highland Wool (for robust durability) to achieve the same effects naturally. ⁠  

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Our Partner

With our years of experience in design and sourcing, we’re able to identify and partner directly with suppliers who have a positive social impact.

Our yarn supplier is based in the Highlands of Peru where they grow and spin some of the worlds finest yarns. Their facility is the first spinning and dyeing mill in Peru to achieve a Fair Trade Certification, and environmental impact, animal welfare and the preservation of Andean culture is at the heart of everything they do. 

5 things to know about LOLL

Every year, alpaca and sheep produce a new fleece which should be shorn to keep them healthy and comfortable. These renewable fibers are 100% biodegradable and once composted will release valuable nutrients back into the soil.