Hi.  We're Project Weekend.

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Meet Our Founder

After working in the sportswear industry as a clothing designer,  I began yearning for the slower pace of making my own things again. Many of us can relate to what a beautifully gratifying and meditative process it is to slow down and make things for ourselves and others. 

"My goal is to create an opportunity for more people to experience the joy of making. Everyone has a creative side, but some of us may be intimidated to try making things because we don't know where to start or how to find the resources, and this is where Project Weekend comes in.

-Spring Harrison

Making Made Easy

Each season, we release a collection of premium yarn based projects that include all of the tools, materials and patterns so you can create beautiful items for yourself, your home, and for loved ones.

Our curated kits save you from the exhaustive materials and tools sourcing process and are delivered right to your front door, so you can spend more time making and less time running around town trying to find everything. 

Along with your kit, you’ll get access to our supportive tutorial videos and guides so you can learn to make things at your own pace, no matter what your experience level may be. 

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Thoughtfully Designed

As a company rooted in creativity, we flex this skill by designing projects with minimal impact.  Historically, the crafting industry hasn’t been the most transparent or sustainable and we want to help reshape that narrative. 

At every decision point, we build our Project Weekend kits with best practices in mind and effect change where we can. 

Heirlooms, Made By You

People are attracted to the beauty and timeless simplicity of the Project Weekend knitting collection.

Being a designer that finds inspiration in the materials she works with, Spring thinks the most beautiful way to show them off is through minimal alteration.

Which is why our patterns are ultimately not hard to make-- they might only have two to three different stitches that are set on repeat and before you know it, over the course of a weekend,  you've made yourself something gorgeous to wear.  

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