Our Story

Crafted Downtime

For those who want to spend their downtime creatively and purposefully, Project Weekend delivers crafting kits that bring a sense of fulfillment, joy, and relaxation.

Meet the Founder

"After working in the sportswear industry as a clothing designer for numerous years, I began yearning for the slower pace of making my own things again. Many of us can relate to what a beautifully gratifying and meditative process it is to make things for yourself and others.

My goal is to create an opportunity for more people to experience the joy of making.

Everyone has a creative side, and some of us may be intimidated to start making things because we don't know where to start or how to find the resources, and this is where Project Weekend comes in.”

— Spring Harrison

Making Made Easy

We provide a selection of projects that guide you step-by-step to create beautiful items for yourself, your home, and for loved ones. The curated kits save you from the exhaustive materials and tools sourcing process which can take weeks. Our kits are designed to be finished in a weekend, or about the same time it takes to binge watch a season of your favourite show on Netflix.

Along with your kit, you’ll get access to our supportive learning videos and guides where everyone can learn to make things at their own pace, no matter what their experience level.

We Love Mother Nature

We source impeccable materials offered in seasonally relevant colours and styles, so that after all of the time invested in completing your project, you can feel proud to wear it.

Our LOLL yarn is an annually renewable fibre and is 100% biodegradable, sourced just few hours away from Lake Titicaca in Peru. All Project Weekend yarn is free of Superwash, a harsh chemical which softens and shrink-proofs many of the yarns available on the market today.

Instead of messing with Mother Nature, we’ve blended just the right amount of superfine Alpaca with Highland Peruvian wool which gives our yarn that buttery soft next-to-skin feeling. Perfect for baby gifts and anyone who is sensitive to the itch of pure wool. You're going to love it.

Alpacas roaming free

This is Project Weekend. Let's begin.

Need to get a hold of us? Or just want to say hello? Email hello@projectweekendshop.com