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Blissfully soft and incredibly warm.
When all you want to do is bundle up and feel cozy, the Broadford Cowl will soon become the first thing you reach for.

Soft, cuddly vibes with a minimalist-influenced aesthetic, the Broadford Cowl is knit on circular needles, making it a dream to work up.  Just cast-on and go!

Featuring the ultra-defining Twisted Rib Stitch, similar to regular rib, except it holds the structure of each stitch together more tightly resulting in gorgeous volume and stitch definition.  

Our LOLL yarn features a special blend of Highland Wool and Alpaca fibers creating soft-as-a-kitten warmth and squishiness. Sustainably sourced and 100% naturally soft, (not chemically softened), LOLL is grown in the beautiful highlands of Peru and spun in a Fair Trade Certified facility.

With cashmere-like softness, LOLL is not too chunky or hot, making it a perfect choice for all of your upcoming projects (hats, scarves, sweaters, blankets, cowls, interiors accessories). And because it's naturally anti-itch, it's perfect for all those baby gifts you want to make or for anyone who is sensitive to the itch of natural wool.


Easy projects are perfect for any knitter who has completed a few beginner projects and are comfortable making simple stitches like KNIT & PURL . Easy projects are great for those looking to take their skills to the next level. Easy projects might have simple increases and decreases for shaping, color work and knitting in the round techniques.


6-7 Hours


Adult : One size


Finished Circumference : 20" 
Finished Height: 14.5"


19 stitches in 1x1 twisted rib stitch x 17 rows = 4" x 4" square


 Project Weekends' all-in-one  The Broadford Cowl Kit   contains all of the necessary tools and supplies to get you started.  (Knitting Needles optional with kit purchase) 


  • 2 balls of Project Weekend's LOLL, our exclusive "naturally soft, not chemically softened"
    65% Fine Peruvian Highland Wool / 35% Superfine Peruvian Alpaca yarn. Each ball weighs 125 GR. (4.4oz) and has 125m (137y). 
  • 1 pair of 8mm / US 11 24” Circular Knitting Needles   (optional with kit purchase)
  • 1 pair of 4mm / US 7 24” Circular Knitting Needles   (optional with kit purchase)
  • 1 Knitters' Sewing Needle 
  • 1 Stitch Marker (XL) 
  • 1 "PROJECT WEEKEND X Me." Woven Label
  • 1 "Made For You" Maker Gift Hangtag
  • 1 Organic Cotton Project Bag


Not sure how to knit a specific technique? No worries, we've got your back! We've created videos and step-by-step illustrations for you to reference, so your project won't miss a beat.  They are conveniently located throughout and at the end of the pattern for you to click and learn from.  Happy Knitting!


Taking some time before starting a knit project to make a gauge swatch can make all the difference between project success and total complete frustration.

A gauge swatch will tell you if you are knitting too tightly or too loose for the pattern you are creating. It helps make sure that what you are knitting will measure out and fit just right. If you are new to knitting, you can also think of the gauge swatch as a test run for learning your stitches before you start your main project.

Cast-on with the recommended gauge swatch stitch count and knit the number of rows indicated to achieve gauge.  Once finished, your swatch should measure out to 4” x 4”. If your swatch comes out too small, it means you are knitting too tightly, so loosen up your stitch tension a bit. If your swatch comes out larger than 4”x 4”, you are knitting too loosely, so tighten up your stitch. Once you have found your gauge, unravel your swatch & begin knitting your project! 


This project is knit using the 1x1 Twisted Rib pattern which is similar to regular 1x1 Rib except you Knit and Purl through the back loop of each stitch instead of the front. This creates a beautifully crisp and professional looking rib pattern. 

This project is knit in the round using 2 different sized circular needles. The smaller sized needle tightens up the stitch size and creates a beautiful border edge treatment.

How to Use Circular Knitting Needles - Joining In The Round


1x1 Twisted Rib
K1tbl: Knit 1 stitch (through the back loop)  
P1tbl: Purl 1 stitch (through the back loop)


1. Using the 4mm circular knitting needles and a 6”-8” long yarn tail, Cast-On 100 stitches using the ALTERNATING CABLE CAST-ON METHOD FOR 1X1 RIB.

TIP: Pairing 4mm needles with this yarn will create a beautiful tight border pattern, It is a bit tricky to cast on as the stitches are that much tighter and will require a bit more guidance over the needles.

2.  Set Up Row: *K1tbl, P1tbl repeat from * to the end of row.

3.  Place a stitch marker on your right needle and join the work in the round, being careful not to twist any stitches. 

 4.  Rounds 1 & 2: *K1tbl, P1tbl repeat from * to the end of the round. Transferring the stitch marker from the left to the right needle at the end of each round.

This completes the first border section.

5.  Switch to the 8mm circular knitting needle for the next knitting round.

TIP: To transfer your work over from the smaller to the larger needles, take your larger needle and begin knitting each stitch off the smaller needle onto the larger needle. For that first transfer stitch, make sure the working yarn is taut so you don’t get a loose stitch (it will still be attached to the other end of the smaller needle). While you knit and transfer over the stitches, push that other smaller needle to the back of your work and out of the way as you won’t be using it during this process. Once you knit all the stitches off the smaller needle, continue on with the larger needle only.   

6.  Round 4 & onwards: *K1tbl, P1tbl repeat from * until work measures 14” from the cast on edge.

TIP: When you reach the last 10" of your first ball of yarn, for an invisible join, join the next ball using the Magic Knot Method. This is our favorite way to join yarn balls in the middle of our work because it completely eliminates the need to weave in any ends! 

7.  Once your work measures 14” from the cast-on edge, and you've knit to the end of the round, switch back to the 4mm circular needle for the next knitting round.

8.  Knit the next 3 rows in Twisted Rib: K1tbl, P1tbl.


9.  There are two options for binding off your work.

Bind-Off #1: You can bind off using a regular BIND-OFF in 1x1 rib pattern. This is a good suitable bind-off, however it does leave a visible line of V’s along the edge of your work.

Bind-Off #2: For a more “seamless” and stretchy bind off use the TUBULAR BIND-OFF METHOD. (We will be creating an instruction video soon, in the mean time, please google Tubular Bind-Off instructions)

10.  Once you bind-off all stitches and remove the last stitch from the needle, cut a yarn tail 8"-10" long. Using your knitters' sewing needle, sew the yarn tail through the first "cast-off" stitch (located right beside the yarn tail). This will force that higher stitch to blend down into the lower stitch and remove the "step" that is naturally created when you knit in the round so that you will have a beautifully smooth cast-off edge. 

Weave in the rest of the yarn tail


11.  Insert the cast-on yarn tail through the knitters sewing needle and close up the open two rows of your cowl by weaving through each open side, carefully mimicking the yarn direction of the cast on stitch pattern.

12.  Once the work is closed up, weave in the loose end and proudly sew on your Project Weekend x Me. woven label.


How to make a slip-knot

How to Use Circular Needles -  Joining In The Round

How to Bind-Off (Cast-off)

How to Cast-On Using Alternating Cable Cast-On Method for 1X1 Rib

How to Use Stitch Markers

Excited to learn more knitting techniques?
Check out our full library of videos.





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